Become Active

Do help the children with support for their education so that they have the opportunity to have a successful schooling career and a positive life beyond. Children learn better with sufficient and healthy food, as well!

We also need volunteers who have passion for children. See Project Trust!

Like any child, these children deserve the right to have a happy life. Let's help them achieve this & turn smiles on their faces.

So make a donation. no matter how small, to BAHASI

Give Light, Laughter and  Life and hope to the orphans, vulnerable children, elderly and chronically ill patients.

There are more ways of course, other than money, by local support, such as:

  • Volunteers with a passion for children (a must)
  • English Books with images so the kids can learn by association;
  • Clothing, food
  • Toys, sporting materials
  • Seedlings
  • PC's/laptops/ipads
  • Supplies
  • Building repairmaterials
  • Transportation, we need a schoolbus
  • and more


At present, we are working on Membership programs to participate in and we hope to be able to update you soon! And in the mean time contact us for your support!


If you have no time to spare, then please

Support us with a donation.


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