Our Support Programs

You have the power to provide one orphan the training and  a chance at an education; to empower a woman to have a voice in her community. Together, we can change the world. One child, one family, one community, at a time. And it all starts with a gift.

Bahasi has defined various options for the Gift of Giving, like:

  • A donation of cash is a simple and effective way to create your legacy with Bahasi. You benefit from a charitable tax credit while you have an immediate impact on our mission to increase our principal endowment, ensuring sustainable support for Bahasi.
  • Support one orphan for education on a recurring basis
  • Support Bahasi as a care giver to support the orphanage, the full time team members and orphans in their day-to-day needs
  • Support Women Empowerment with various programs towards self-sustainability and self-worth
  • and more, contact us for further details.


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And thank you for your interest in Bahasi. Supporting Bahasi is  a noble way to accumulate great merit for the benefit of all.

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