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Request for Support and Invitation to Attend Fundraising Mock Wedding


We would like to humbly invite you to be a guest at our mock wedding fundraiser. We will celebrate the mock wedding of Hilda Daffrece from Malawi and Jake Brass from the UK. We are fundraising for our new hostel project; a very important feat for BAHASI we are struggling to house all our OVC’s comfortably. 

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Quite a first quarter @ Bahasi


We like to update you on our adventures here at Bahasi and like to make you aware of what's happening here and Malawi in the past months, the good and the bad. We intend to keep you informed on a regular basis as to the happenings here!

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Project Fix Water supply


Lately we experienced problems with our water supply due to pipe issues. We managed to lay a complete new waterpipeline the other day. Lots of work but now all is so much better.

We would like to thank all families and volunteers for your financial support  for our water project where we were collecting water from Bangwe mountain to Bahasi due to the problem that we were likely faced in the past. This problem is now solved since water has start coming to Bahasi in good  volume .

So we would like to thank all of you who take part in the implementation and completion of this project.

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Happy 17th Birthday Sarah


Today we celebrated Sarah's birthday with lots of Joy and Gratitude!

Have a healthy and happy new birthyear Sarah!  Keep on being the role model you are!

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Ready to receive our New Volunteers


To accommodate our new volunteers around the middle of this month, we needed to seal of a wall. We had around 3.000 bricks and of course needed lots of mortar to do the job. We managed include making safe steps.

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Wow New computers from a well-wisher


We have received a donation of laptop and desktop from a friend of BAHASI, God bless you and your family. It comes with Office 365 and other softwares. Installed professionally by  Computerland, Blantyre. Thank you Johathan.

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A Fantastic Christmas Celebration for our Kids


As promised a glance at our lovely and exciting Christmas celebration day, so good!

Firstly the kids received presents and were so elated, Santa was very generous to our kids and they loved everything! Sweetest part was hearing about how greatful they were for school supplies 🎁🎊🎄

We took our bus to the Lodge in Malanje with much cheer and singing.

We had a splendid lunch with Nsima, rice with chicken, super get, snacks, sobo and each a  bottle of soft drink. Aside from the swimming and fun the kids had, we were also kindly treated with local music and dance. We so, have enjoyed the live band including traditional band & dancers!

So much fun, appreciation and excitement. A wonderful day & memory~ Zikomo!

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Christmas Party at Mulanje at Kara'o'mora Lodge


We will have our Christmas party on Saturday, 25 December, 2021.

We will go to Mulanje at Kara'o'mora Lodge . We shall take a bus to go there which is about a little less than an hour drive. 

There we will have a nice lunch, drinks and swimming and some other goodies.

We are so Looking forward to a lovely time! Naturally we shall update you with the actual activities there with the kids.


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Thank you in the name of Austin & Family


On Saturday, we had burial ceremony at Kane village in chikuli , T/A nthilamanja in Mulanje District the ceremony was good.

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Rest in Peace Austin!


Today we lost one of our BAHASI members Austin Harry, security guard, at St Joseph mission hospital according to medical report it shows no finding of any problem.

The burial ceremony will take place tomorrow at Kane village in Chikuli ,T/A   nthiramanja in Mulanje district.

Do help to pay for the funeral, which costs $200.

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