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Invitation to our Big Walk on July 1, 2023


We would like to humbly invite you to attend our fundraising big walk.

We wish to raise MWK 15,000,000.00 – the majority of the proceeds will be used for our girls hostel construction project and the rest will be used for the food and other daily needs.

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Hepeni academy wins Final 1-0


Bahasi league is now over and it was a wonderful match between Hepeni academy and Yamzy fc. Hepeni academy won the match by scoring 1 goal which results to 1:0.

Thanks to HMJ hardware, Mr and Mrs Jika for sponsoring the league mostly in prizes and thanks to honourable Orphan Shaba MP Blantyre bangwe constituency, Mr and Mrs ng'oma and Mr and Mrs Haiya for supporting this league.

During today's match we were spreading messages to those who were present and there was a lot of activities such as drama, HTC by Umunthu foundation and a brief talk by a member from Bangwe police station about issues of suicide, behavior change and gender based violence.

There was over 500 people who attended the bonanza finals at Bangwe desert ground.

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We have started to construct our girls hostel and it looks great


We had a good day at Bahasi as we were ground breaking. We had Pamela Boris from Blantyre city council as a guest of honor and several guests who came on behalf of the MP and ward Councilor and Wisiki Village headman.

Our aim of this hostel is to have a good place for the girls but at the same campus. The money we're using now is the money we raised a year ago through the mock wedding but the money we raised is not enough.

Thanks to our MP honourable O.Shaba from Blantyre bangwe constituency for pledging to give us 10 bags of cement for the hostel and he has shown a good example. We're asking for those who are willing to support us to build this hostel.

Do help and DONATE

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Invitation to a Groundbreaking Ceremony of Site for Construction of Girls’ Hostel - April 30, 2023


We would like to humbly invite you to attend the official ground-breaking ceremony of site for construction of a Girls’ Hostel at our premises in Bangwe township in Blantyre.

We apologize for short notice due to circumstances beyond our control.

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Football Bonanza Final May 7, 2023


Do come  to a football Bonanza between esteemed rivals, HEPENI ACADAMY VS YAMZY FC at Bangwe Desert Ground in Bangwe Township from 1pm to 4:30pm on 7th May 2023. HEPENI ACADAMY from Blantyre Bangwe constituency while YAMZY FC from Blantyre city south east constituency.

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Great Help for Our Community


Wonderful help is coming in for our Community and we really appreciate all the help from Rotary and Project Trust. Of course also all other (financial) donations thank you from our hearts.

If you can please help and DONATE, Thank you.

We have more number of kids in Bahasi camp who are lacking toys,baby blankets, diapers and likuni phala might be needed for their health.

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BAHASI has now been officially recognized as a camp


By: Reena Purshotam ~ Board Bahasi


BAHASI has now been officially recognized as a camp - we are hosting just over 80 women and children and 16 men. Thanks to your generosity and to donations from various communities and organizations, we were able to reach out to some of the affected villages.

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Malawi suffers from Freddy - do help!


Cyclone Freddy has caused a lot of damage in Bangwe, houses and toilets are mainly affected. More than  225 deaths and at least 584 have been injured and 37 people have been reported missing in the country., Right now we have so many victims who has lost their homes. Some of the Bahasi community (49) sleep in our classrooms.

As Bahasi organization we want to help those who are affected by cyclone Freddy by donating blankets, plastic papers and domestic materials. 

We're appealing for special assistance to those who would like to support us by funding financially or with materials.  

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Bahasi Bonzaza League Program 2023





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Launch Bahasi League great success


Yesterday we had our Bonanza to launch the BAHASI league and we had the following guests: Governor from Blantyre Bangwe constituency to present our MP Hon Orphan Shaba MP, 4 victims unit coordinators bangwe police , the Chairman from Bangwe Health Centre, HMJ presentative and other organizations. There were so many people from different places around Bangwe even though it was raining.

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