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Christmas Party 2022 needs you help!


Also in 2022, we are organizing a Christmas party to cheer up orphans, vulnerable children and people living with HIV and AIDS, which we care for at our orphanage and school care center. We are planning to hold the aforementioned activity at BAHASI orphanage school in Bangwe Township on 18th December 2022 starting from 1 pm up to 4 pm. And the date of the Christmas trip will be the 25th December 2022.

We trust you will find this activity to be for the good and will help the needy within our community. Our budget requirement is around $1500. We hope that you will subsequently favour us and this good cause by granting our request, click on the button  to pay via Paypal/Creditcard, (local) Bank Transfer or Check.

The main objective of conducting the party is to allow everyone, including the needy, to enjoy the festivities that Christmas brings along, so that we can at least put smiles on faces and instill hope in the community.

The program for the Christmas party is to have an open school day in the morning so friends and families can come and see what the children are doing at school. We want to provide the children, people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) and guardians of the children lunch. In the afternoon, we would like to give out gifts like biscuits, sugar and soap to the children and have activities like dancing and poems written by the children.

We would be most pleased to receive your call at any time convenient to you. As BAHASI, we are determined to do what we can, despite many obstacles we face, to try and aid the suffering of the disadvantaged and vulnerable people within the organization catchment areas.

We thank you in advance. God be with you.


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