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Fundraising for Maize a success, more help is needed


We had a fundraising event on 29 January which purpose was to raise money to buy more than 150 bags of maize to give to the parents of our pre-school children. After the fundraising we raised 620,000 and we have managed to buy 131 bags of maize flour at 5 kgs per family and we have distributed it to more than 150 families including other bags we had received during fundraising.

Although we have managed to distribute maize to those families we didn't reach other families and there is many remaining and we're asking those who are willing to help to come forward don't hesitate to contact us through the following numbers our board chairperson Reena Purshotam on 0888567151, Katie +447470186836 and  Phoebe +447964081346 or DONATE. on our site.

We're thanking those who helped us during this time and may God bless all who put their hands to help during this hard time, thanks.

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Friday, 21 June 2024

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