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Invitation for our Christmas & Graduation Party!


You are all invited to Christmas party and graduation ceremony for Pre-School children at BAHASI!

DATE: 12 December,2021.

TIME: 1: 00 pm to 3 pm.

VENUE: BAHASI premises in Wisiki Village , Bangwe


The main objective of conducting the party is let everyone, including the needy to enjoy the happiness that charismas brings along so that we can at least put smiles and install hope in the hopeless.

The program for the Christmas party is to have an open school day in the morning so friends and families can come and see what the children are doing at school.

We want to provide the children, people living with HIV and aids (PLWHA), Guardians of the children launch. In the afternoon we would like to give gifts like biscuits, sugar, clothes and soap to the children and have activities like dancing and poems written by the children.

As BAHASI, we are determined to do what we can, despite many obstacles we face, to try and aid the suffering of the disadvantaged and vulnerable people within the organization catchment areas.

Your presence at the Christmas and graduation party would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,


Graduation Day at the BAHASI Women Empowerment Pro...
Women Empowerment Group

Comments 1

Bahasi on Sunday, 12 December 2021 22:56

The PArty was today! We shall share tomorrow the impression for this event and the children!

The PArty was today! We shall share tomorrow the impression for this event and the children!:D
Saturday, 02 July 2022

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