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Launch Bahasi League great success


Yesterday we had our Bonanza to launch the BAHASI league and we had the following guests: Governor from Blantyre Bangwe constituency to present our MP Hon Orphan Shaba MP, 4 victims unit coordinators bangwe police , the Chairman from Bangwe Health Centre, HMJ presentative and other organizations. There were so many people from different places around Bangwe even though it was raining.

We had a great match between Faluja vs William FC despite the rain showers for about 1 hour.

William FC won with 3 goals and Faluja scored 1 goal. As it was an opening game we decided to give them prizes, William FC received 30 thousand Malawi kwacha while Faluja FC received 20 thousand Malawi kwacha.

Games for the league will be played every week and it will run for three months.

Thanks to our special guests who were available at this time and also special thanks for the good messages they came up with and shared with the people who were there.

Together we can make bangwe as better place to live!

Bahasi Bonzaza League Program 2023
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Friday, 21 June 2024

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