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Malawi suffers from Freddy - do help!


Cyclone Freddy has caused a lot of damage in Bangwe, houses and toilets are mainly affected. More than  225 deaths and at least 584 have been injured and 37 people have been reported missing in the country., Right now we have so many victims who has lost their homes. Some of the Bahasi community (49) sleep in our classrooms.

As Bahasi organization we want to help those who are affected by cyclone Freddy by donating blankets, plastic papers and domestic materials. 

We're appealing for special assistance to those who would like to support us by funding financially or with materials.  

Bangwe is one of the locations which was affected by cholera and right now there are so many toilets that have been destroyed and we're afraid that this may lead increased cholera cases again so we're asking those who can donate chlorine in order to prevent cholera again.our bank details, you can also DONATE online
national bank of Malawi
customs road service centre,
account name; Bangwe hiv/aids self help initiative
account number;1291971

We're asking those who are willing to help to come forward don't hesitate to contact us through the following numbers our board chairperson Reena Purshotam on 0888567151, Katie +447470186836 and  Phoebe +447964081346 We're thanking those who helped us during this time and may God bless all who put their hands to help during this hard time, thank you!



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Friday, 21 June 2024

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