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News from us 2nd Quarter 2022


We have had lovely experiences in the past quarter @  Bahasi. We are also planning a "mock wedding" and donation drive for the new hostel on our newly acquired property.

For more information see our announcement.  We hope you can the experiences with us and we are looking forward to your continued support.

At present we are setting up a new business Paypal account, which is rather cumbersome in Malawi. But we managed and donations can again be made via Paypal/Credit card on the site. You can also send via Paypal your kind donation to

July 6, 2022

We have received donations of the following materials : clothes, 150 soya ,shoes, 5 litres of cooking oil , 50 kgs of beans , 3 cartons laundry soap , body lotion , 2 bags of maize, 50 kgs of rice , 3 bale of soya pieces, 65 pockets of sugar, 5 trays of eggs and 1 tonne of firewood from Naperi and Chimwankhunda Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Dorcas under Blantyre and Chiradzulo zone .We really appreciate for your kind heart of supporting BAHASI children's in need.



July 2

We have received donations of 160 blankets and 100 old day chicks from Conforzi limited company We are in need of feed , water trap vaccine and charcoal part of our income generating activity (IGA) for BAHASI. To take care of them we determined a budget of 210K MKW.

If you are interesting to support our IGA please contact us any time. 


June 26

Welcome back to BAHASI  to our volunteers, Susie , Morgan and Ellie. Feel at home and we  are happy to see you again at BAHASI.


June 11

We would like to thank Ben and his wife, Misa Wilson Martincova for visiting BAHASI. Ben is one the original founders of Bangwe community partner(BCP) which was established during his time with Students Volunteer Abroad (SVA).

His amazing work allowed us to complete our women empowerment tailoring and designing program, the construction of our toilet and bathroom facilities, the construction of the water tower, the purchase of our water tank and the distribution of blankets for our OVC's and elderly people.

We hugely appreciate the visit, and hope to see you back soon.


May 29

we held a birthday party for one of our nursery school students, Tamandani Joseph. This was for the purpose of fundraising money to help pay for the new school uniforms we have decided to implement for the nursery, as well as provide much needed blankets for our vulnerable nursery students as winter approaches.

It was a fantastic event with a great turnout. We had roughly 300 people attend this party and raised a staggering 126K Mk. Thank you to Bangwe Police for showing their support as well as the parents association, for which the event would not have been the same. We would like to extend our thanks to all those who helped make the event successful and also particularly to all those who donated!

We hope everyone who attended had a good time. We are thankful to have had large speakers in place so we could dance. We would also like to highlight the selfless efforts of the BAHASI children who performed a well rehearsed and inch perfect dance routine. It opened the birthday celebrations in the best way possible.

We still have a long way to go in order to fully cover the costs. If you would like to donate, please don’t hesitate to do so. Moreover, if you would like to help out with a future event (we are planning a mock wedding fundraiser event on the 17th of June 2022), help would be highly appreciated. We will keep updating on our fundraising efforts.


May 25

We would like to thank Gift of Givers foundation for their incredibly generous and timely donation. We have received 100 blankets and 200 pairs of shoes. This has been distributed to our 32 Bahasi OVC's and 68 elderly and vulnerable people within our local community. This is fantastic and winter is fast approaching, and will help keep the community warm, but also in spirit! We age hugely appreciative of this amazing donation.



May 23

We would like to give thanks to Malawi Travel. They have helped us, here at BAHASI, to create a new library consisting of an incredible 1412 books. This includes books for nursery students, primary school level as well as novels and non-fiction for the older children. The entire community will be able to benefit from a resource like this and will directly help the development and school performance of our OVC's. This will help move us towards a brighter and prosperous future.


May 18

We would like to thank the Mendis and Purshotam family for buying ice cream for our children. God bless you and your family.


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