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Request for Support and Invitation to Attend Fundraising Mock Wedding


We would like to humbly invite you to be a guest at our mock wedding fundraiser. We will celebrate the mock wedding of Hilda Daffrece from Malawi and Jake Brass from the UK. We are fundraising for our new hostel project; a very important feat for BAHASI we are struggling to house all our OVC’s comfortably. 

Breaking Ground 7/12/2022



BAHASI offers free education to 87 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) under the age of six at our child care-centre. We provide two meals (breakfast and lunch) each day for our nursery students and also care for 34 OVCs between the ages of 2 and 17 by providing them with 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as accommodation. These children have been referred to BAHASI by the Blantyre Social Welfare Office and Bangwe Police either because they are missing children whose families cannot be traced or because they suffer abuse in their homes. Their placement with BAHASI is temporary; these children remain with us until permanent homes are found for them. This will be a continuing program; the children who are placed in permanent homes allow us the opportunity to help and accommodate new children at BAHASI. We also run a home-based care program in which we provide care for HIV/AIDS patients: aiding them to access medical care, material assistance among many other relevant needs.


Bangwe HIV/Aids Self-Help Initiative (BAHASI) is a registered charitable organization under the Trustees Incorporation Act in 2016. However, BAHASI was established in 2004 as a community-based organization (CBO). BAHASI works in partnership with Project Trust, a UK based charity providing volunteers to us at BAHASI. We also work with Blantyre City Council under the department of social welfare office.

Since its establishment, BAHASI has not received any substantial funding, but it has survived on donations from well-wishers as well as the community. BAHASI has turned into a beacon of hope to many vulnerable children and other people in need. This is due to our commitment to providing food, clothes, and other essential materials necessary for minimum life sustainability.

In the interest of the safety, comfort, and more opportunities for the children we care for at our orphanage, we propose the construction of a hostel to make new space for the girls as well as for our international volunteers.

We aim to fundraise MK 8,436,700 (around $8,500) to complete this project. See our estimated and quoted costs below.

Please remit your contribution to the following bank details.

Swift code; NBMA MW MW 004

NATIONAL Bank of Malawi , customs Road service centre 


Account number 1291971

Of course you can also DONATE on this site., click here

Hostel Budget Details

Our event details are as follows:

DATE: 17th July, 2022,

TIME: 12:00 pm to 5 pm.

VENUE: BAHASI premises

We would appreciate it if you could assist us with funds or materials mentioned to enable us to meet our budget.

We hugely appreciate assistance with funds or materials to enable us to meet our budget.

We hope to see you at our mock wedding. Thank you in advance, may God be with you and continue guiding you throughout your job of making this country a better place to live for us and our children.

Yours sincerely,


ISAAC LIGOLA                                    JAKE BRASS                                    REENA PURSHOTAM



Executive Director                             Fundraiser chair                           Board chairperson


+265,884,960,165                        +265, 984, 425, 220                         +265 888,567,151



BAHASI Trustees: Ms Reena Purshotam, Mr Jim Jimusole, Mrs D. Kamwendo and MrH.Mpenga.  Board Chairperson:  Ms Reena Purshotam.


All Correspondence to be addressed to the Executive Director, Mr Isaac Ligola (+265 (0) 884 960 165

Off Mugabe Highway - Bangwe-ChikundaTownship -Wisiki Village - Limbe-Blantyre

P.O. Box 90029, Limbe.

Mobile Phone (Nos) +256 (0) 884 960 165/990516638



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