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Thank you All for making our Celebration a Success!


Yesterday, 12 December 2021. We had a great Christmas and graduation party our guest of honour was  Bahasi Board Chair Reena Purshotam and some of the guests  Harriet Woodward and Mr Mendes and Village head Wisiki . 

On behalf Board of trustees and Bahasi management we would like to thank all families and organizations for Materials and Financial support e.g The Family of  Stuart Presley, Reena Purshotam, Harriet Woodward, Fiona and Sharan, Abraham Tol on behalf of Malawi Travel and most generous donors around the world.

This  party was for the children from Pre-school and orphanage care including parents from both sides at this day we also had a good time where childrens from Pre-school showcase  what they learn in their classes,  it was so beautiful to see a 6 years  old childrens are able.


Executive Director Isaac Ligola

Rest in Peace Austin!
Impressions of the Party on Dec 12, 2021


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Sunday, 03 July 2022

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