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Trip to Game Haven


On the 12th of August, our 2022 International Volunteer, Jake, took us to Game Haven! We picked up our kids at Jacaranda school at 2:00 and went straight to the animal viewing reserve. We were kindly met by the staff who offered their adventure playground as a waiting area for Bahasi. We went on 3 separate half an hour game drives and managed to see some awesome animals. The main highlights were zebra, giraffe, wilder beast, nyala, impala and guineafowl. Having spent lots of time either playing in the plaground or on the game drive, everyone was hungry; so before we set off home to Bahasi, we had a lovely Braii at Game Haven. 

We would like to thank Game Haven for accomodating us at their game reserve and playground. We had a lovely afternoon, and the weather was just right. It was a nice way to say goodbye to Jake, who left us on Friday night as we got back. 


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Thursday, 29 September 2022

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