Big Walk Fundraiser

The big fundraising walk started in BAHASI offices in Bangwe on the 1st of August 2015. Our walk took us all the way to the social welfare offices in Blantyre. This fundraiser was used to raise money for a new security wall around the BAHASI Premises, improving saftey and security for the organisation.

Through the walk we managed to raise MK108000, which we thought was a great total and down to the generosity of the local community. BAHASI'S long-term goal is to raise MK5.7million for the entire construction of the wall, so we will be planning more fundraising activities for the future.

The wall will be crucial to the overall saftey of BAHASI's premises and for the protection of our income generating activities (IGNs). If you feel you can help in anyway, please see the donations section of our page.


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