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The Home Based Care program aims to provide domestic help for HIV/AIDS patients as well as the vulnerable erderly within Bahasi's catchement area. The department has also conducted awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination.

A visit consists of a small donation of soap and some other common cooking supplies like sugar as well as necessary help with bathing, washing clothes, dishes and houses. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to look after more than 25 patients with weekly visits. Now revamping the program, we aim to visit a realistic target of 4 families a week, with plans to upscale when we have the funding and resources. 

An official revamp of the program has come now in August 2022. We have began visiting the chosen families and would love to continue to do so. If YOU want to help provide necessary resources please donate on the link. 

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Money donated to this program will go to necessary living expenses of our Home Based Care patients as well as providing medical supplies. 


We would like to tell the stories of tour of our vulnerable erlderly and how Bahasi can provide help for them. 



Bahasi went to Lemosi Khudeyi's (left) house, age 81. He told us of his knee pains and issues with walking leaving him bound to a chair or bed. Difficulties have arisen when trying to walk or even shower. Doctor's in Blantyre have said they are unable to to perform surgery and no physiotherapy is financially available. The doctors prescribe painkillers, which are becoming an increasing financial burden on the family. On this day Bahasi provided a kilo of sugar and two bars of soap as well as a commitment to help provide painkillers in the future. 

Bahasi also went to Maria Kangazi's house (right), age 74. She spoke of her diabetes diagnosis 15 years ago and the issues of keeping her insulin levels sufficient. She has dealt with symptoms such as shortness of breath and kidney failure in recent years. Furthermore, she also has to deal with knee and ankle pains which have stopped her being able to walk properly. She said that after six visits to two different hospitals in Blantyre, she has not been provided with sufficient medical care and has as been prescribed painkillers only. 

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