Landscaping Program and new Hostel

In order to uphold our responsibility to look after the welfare of the OVC’s we currently have care over, we plan to build a second hostel for the children to stay in. We currently have 32 children under our care as well as 2 residential aunties (their job is…) and only space for 22 beds and 3 cots in two separate rooms. 

This second hostel will contain a large new room for the boys with enough space for a bed each. Furthermore, another bedroom, small kitchen and bathroom for all international volunteers, current and future. This will open up extra space for the girls to have a bed each as well as extra storage space for spare mattresses and other necessary spare resources. 

We have already acquired the land (right behind the main Bahasi building); but to move forward with this project, we firstly need to landscape the area to fit our needs and then construction of a safe, secure and comfortable hostel.  Landscaping involves flattening the land and removing the rocks all whilst keeping the useful trees and crops already growing there. Only then can we start demolition of the current mud-brick building, followed finally by construction of a new hostel. 

We are so excited to have the opportunity to create this new hostel and thankful to all those who have donated so far. With a small downpayment we will be able to buy the tools needed to start the landscaping. We have a long way to go to be able to complete this project, so any donation is appreciated hugely. 

Initial Hostel

With the support of our Swedish volunteers, BAHASI have started work on a plan that was developed 3 years ago. BAHASI are beginning the foundations of a hostel project whereby orphans and vulnerable children are able to stay at night next to the BAHASI building. As of 2015, the hostel is almost completed.

However, the building still requires a ceiling and beds for the children.  Below there are photos from before and after the recent developments.


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