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Support BAHASI Orphanage Malawi

Like any child, our children deserve the right to have a happy life. Let's help them achieve this!

Let's turn smiles on their faces and let them walk into the Light.

We are developing more programs for Education, Women Empowerment and Caregiving for the Orphanage, as well as social activitites like swimming and learning how to cook.

We are pleased you consider supporting us, naturally any amount no matter how small, helps us in these dire times!


Become a Caregiver for Bahasi

Our orphans need proper shelter, food, clothing and other things kids need. Are you willing to support us a a caregiver? You recurring donation to keep Bahasi in good running condition for all is most appreciated.

Our expansion for a new boys hostel and landscaping needs special attention as well and hope you can provide extra support for this effort.

Female Empowerment and Tailoring Program

In order to achieve our vision of empowering citizens of Malawi to be more productive and self-sufficient in aid of development, we are re-introducing our Female Empowerment and Tailoring Program. This will be focusing on the development of our local community situated around Bahasi. This will be done by creating a skilled labour force, and therefore providing further opportunity to make a liveable income. We hope that this will help to reduce poverty, as well as reducing the need to use begging and prostitution as alternative forms of generating an income. 

The program will entail sessions where women will be taught to sew and tailor using a machine. We aim to initially take on 10 women with HIV/AIDS and another 10 young and unemployed women for this program with the hope that we can continue with more classes in the future. With the money donated for this program, we will be providing two skilled teachers, fabric for six months of lessons, two more sewing machines and all other needed materials. 

We note that purchasing sewing machine’s is expensive and won’t be available to all women after this program. Therefore, we are implementing a system where the women who take part will be given the opportunity to come in and use our machines free of charge. This will allow us to fulfil our goals of turning tailoring into an income generating skilll


Support our Malawi Travel Library

In May 2022, we were generously donated at start-up fund by Malawi Travel, for a library @ Bahasi. The library will be named the "Malawi Travel Library", a sign for this initiative is being developed.

This fund  will be used to establish a library and to buy english books for our children at Bahasi for their recreational and educational use. 

Naturally like any project, funding will be needed to grow and maintain the library on a continuous basis for all age groups of our orphans. We will be working with local organisations and donors around the world, and of course we would appreciate english book donations for the children in all age brackets up to 18. Do contact us in order to make arrangements with us.

Naturally we would also like to add digital reading and content at some point in time with e-readers and such.

Are you willing to support our library?

Your (recurring) donation will keep our library in good running order and in up-to-date condition for all and is most appreciated.


Birthday party fundraiser for a child

In the interest of the safety of the children we care for at our nursery, we propose a Bahasi school uniform be mandatory for all students. We aim to fundraise MK 830,000 for this necessary feat. 

DO Support the New Hostel

In the interest of the safety, comfort, and more opportunities for the children we care for at our orphanage, we propose the construction of a hostel to make new space for the girls as well as for our international volunteers.

We aim to fundraise a total of MK 8,436,700 (around $8,500) to complete this project. So a long way is to go before completion! 

We have now finished landscaping! Click on the page for the full details and pictures! On to construction now!

Our Wedding Fundraiser:

On the 17th of July 2022, we celebrated the mock wedding of Hilda Daffrece from Malawi and Jake Brass from the UK. We are fundraising for our new hostel project; a very important feat for BAHASI we are struggling to house all our OVC’s comfortably. We managed to raise an amazing MK225,000 which will allowed us to start landscaping the area and demolish the unstable and non-sustainable building that stood.

We have now finished landscaping the area and have began to start construction. New photos of the progress made is coming sure to keep checking. 


Generosity, a Practice of Excellence!

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