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You can cheaply wire donations from your account to Bahasi. Recipient can be bank, pickup, (debit)card, mobile money and more. One can send money via your bank, credit card etc. Cost are cheap, first time free thereafter 2.90$.


Recipient; Isaac Ligola

Mobile Payment: +265 884 96 01 65; name Isaac Ligola; TNM Wallet

Bank Deposit:  1070000605605 FDH Bank account name: Isaac Ligola TeL +265 884 96 01 65

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First time create your account, then make donation. You will be guided/prompted on how to transfer, amount and more.

Money Transfer: Western Union

Sending money from around the world with this party is quite easy and fast!

To set up an account with WU is fast and easy. Go to

Your donation will arrive in Malawi and can be picked up by Bahasi in a simple manner. Bahasi will be notifed that a donation was made and get the authorization code in the confirmation email.

Payment instruction: 

Recipient: Isaac Ligola

Tel: +265 884 960 165


You can select how payment is made via your bank, credit card or other wise. Donation in cash, please. It will be avaialble in seconds and cost is cheap!


Support our Malawi Travel Library

In May 2022, we were generously donated at start-up fund by Malawi Travel, for a library @ Bahasi. The library will be named the "Malawi Travel Library", a sign for this initiative is being developed.

This fund  will be used to establish a library and to buy english books for our children at Bahasi for their recreational and educational use. 

Naturally like any project, funding will be needed to grow and maintain the library on a continuous basis for all age groups of our orphans. We will be working with local organisations and donors around the world, and of course we would appreciate english book donations for the children in all age brackets up to 18. Do contact us in order to make arrangements with us.

Naturally we would also like to add digital reading and content at some point in time with e-readers and such.

Are you willing to support our library?

Your (recurring) donation will keep our library in good running order and in up-to-date condition for all and is most appreciated.


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Support our Malawi Travel Library

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